Mule 2.0 is the Pioneer of the Moscow Mule in a Can

Authentic taste every time!

Mule Pack and Cans

8% ALC/VOL Spirits (Grain Neutral Spirits)

Crafted in the spirit of the original Moscow Mule circa 1941
Made with Exclusive Ginger flavor
Natural Ginger & Lemon-lime flavor
Lightly carbonated
Available as 12 oz (355ml) singles or 4 packs
164 Calories per can
Gluten Free

Lisa Marlow

CEO / Founder

Mule 2.0 is a ready to drink Moscow Mule. It was developed in 2014 by Lisa Marlow, a geologist from Minnesota who was working in Houston. Having never heard of the Moscow Mule she was out for happy hour one day with her friends and saw the copper mug and said “I would like whatever comes in that!”

She liked the Moscow Mule so much it became her go-to cocktail. However she quickly found that every establishment makes it different, but she wanted the same authentic flavor every time. 

Lisa decided to develop her own formula that was crafted in the spirit of the original 1941 Moscow Mule and consistent every time. After research and numerous trial runs the formula was established using Mule 2.0’s exclusive natural ginger flavor and named Mule 2.0. 

She wanted it to be spirits based like the original alcohol beverage. She used Grain Neutral Spirits so not to bias towards Vodka or Gin or other spirits Fans.

Lisa wanted it to be a pre-mixed cocktail in the convenience of a can so it could be enjoyed anywhere and not just limited to drinking establishments.

Mule 2.0 can be enjoyed in the can, which is designed to mimic a copper mug or poured over ice into a copper mug and garnished with lemon-lime (it can even be supplemented with additional spirits); to make a London Mule, for example, just add a shot of Gin. Or make a Kentucky Mule by adding your favorite Bourbon to Mule 2.0 over ice (Irish Mule =Mule 2.0 + Irish Whiskey; Mexican Mule = Mule 2.0 + Tequila)

Cheers to all the Mule fans out there! Enjoy.