About us

Welcome to Mule 2.0

  • Mule 2.0 was created in 2014 in Houston, TX.
  • Lisa Marlow, a Minnesotan who was working as a geologist in Houston in 2014, stumbled upon the Moscow Mule during its latest craze. She became a big fan of the crisp refreshing flavour served in a copper mug. Though she loved the Mule when it was prepared correctly she became increasingly frustrated at inconsistency of preparation from place to place.
  • Longing for the authentic and consistent flavour of the Moscow Mule, Lisa decided to develop her own formula that would be true to the original Moscow Mule. After extensive research and numerous trial runs the formula was established and named Mule2.0
  • Lisa wanted to share the recipe with the world in the form of a convenient ready to drink can that can be enjoyed anywhere and not limited to drinking establishments.
  • She wanted it to be spirits based to be true to its origin. Grain neutral spirits were used so not to bias toward vodka or gin fans.
  • The beverage can be enjoyed in the can which was designed to mimic a copper mug or poured over ice into a copper mug and garnished with a lime-lemon ( it can even be supplemented with additional spirits to give the bar cocktail experience ).
  • For all the Mule fans out there, Enjoy!